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Sustainability as part of our offer.

We know that for more and more travel customers, sustainability has become the basis of their travel decisions. We are pleased about that because the topic has been at the top of our agenda for many years. However, because we are always asked what we mean by that, we want to give you an insight into our understanding of sustainability.

As we understand it, sustainability is not only defined by the careful use of natural resources. We also include social sustainability. Two points are particularly important to us in this context: The local population should benefit as directly as possible from tourism, e.g. in the form of income. On the other hand, local structures and the lived culture should be respected and not negatively influenced by "mass tourism". We practice both – careful use of resources and social justice – wherever possible in Cuba. Because it is precisely that you don't need to be reminded there that sustainability is something that you should never lose sight of. Cuba is beautiful and fortunately has been preserved in most parts of the country. That must be preserved.

If you ask us about sustainability, we can refer to many round trip offers - especially our bus round trips for individuals and small groups - for which we consistently rely on public transport, overnight stays in private guesthouses or meals in private restaurants. This includes bicycles, horses, Bici taxis and other things that are used for environmentally friendly transportation, e.g. on excursions during round trips. And although our journeys begin and end at national borders, we do not shirk our responsibilities when it comes to intercontinental flights. We have been actively offering our customers compensation for their flights with Atmosfair for many years.

Consistent! We are on the way and will continue to do so with creative approaches. Join us! If you have any questions or want to support us with new ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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